Fast Email Servers for ESPs and Enterprise

Email Server

The best enterprise mail server should be able to effectively and efficiently handle high volumes of email wherein greater security, flexibility and functionality are required at all times. Keep in mind that standard and professional versions of email servers may be suitable for small to mid-sized organisations but not for large-scale enterprises mainly because of the sophisticated requirements for webmail and web administration, collaboration and synchronization, and anti-spam and security measures, among other aspects of an enterprise email server.

Here then, are the features and functions that the best enterprise email server should provide for its clients. You may want to learn more about MailEnable, one of the more popular email servers with enterprise versions, when making your shortlist for the best value enterprise mail server.

Synchronisation and Integration

We live in a world where synchronisation among several applications is a must; otherwise, we will have a challenging time, to say the least, switching from one application to the next and then updating any changes in said applications. Basically, automatic synchronisation must be made by the email server when appointments, tasks and contacts in either Outlook or webmail are made – no manual updates, please.

But it does not stop there either! Integration is as essential as synchronisation when it comes to the best enterprise mail server especially in a world where mobile phone usage is pervasive (i.e., 76% of mobile phone users consider mobile technology as mostly helpful while 37% check their mobile phones every 30 minutes).

In that regard, the enterprise mail server should also provide the highest possible level of integration with mobile gadgets including smartphones powered by Android and Windows as well as the iPhone and iPad, among other mobile platforms. This is made possible by Exchange ActiveSync with its “push” technology.

Webmail Features

Webmail is the heart if the email server, so to speak, so it makes sense that it must have advanced features including but not limited to:

• Personal web calendars

• Personalised filters

• Global contacts

• Read and create HTML emails

• Anti-spam features

But since mobile device usage is also a must, the email server should also be designed for smartphones and tablets. Users should be able to log in automatically, thus, allowing for quick, easy and secure access to both contacts and inbox.

Public Folders

Keep in mind that emails are not the only documents shared, exchanged and collaborated on with the best enterprise mail server. Public folders must then be available for the users, said folders of which can store materials like corporate newsletters, letterheads, and policy documents, among others. The idea here is that the files and documents are open for all members although these are connected to a distinct special resource for security reasons.

Message and Content Management

The best email servers like MailEnable make it easy for users to manage their emails including the contents. This is achieved in several ways including:

• Queue prioritisation

Regular mail and bulk mail are separated such that the adverse effects of delivering bulk mail to their recipients are less likely to affect regular mail performance. The webmail administrator can also designate users whose emails are given priority status instead of being grey listed, thus, facilitating real-time communications within the company.

• Message and content filtering

Filtering requires setting the rules of actions for messages and their contents as these emails move through the enterprise mail server. In the case of message filtering, the filters can add text to messages, move or delete messages, and quarantine messages while content filtering usually involves forwarding emails, deleting emails based on content, and marking spam messages, among others.

• Force spell check

And because emails between professionals in the organisations and between two organisations must be correct in spelling, grammar and sentence construction, spell checking is automatically performed by the email server. The lesser mistakes, the more credible the email will be.

These are the most important features and functions in the best enterprise mail server. Talk to your service providers about these aspects, scrutinise their services, and then make your decision based on your unique requirements for the mail server.