Features Offered in Standard Edition of MailEnable

Many of the best things in life are free and the MailEnable Standard mail server is one of these delightful aspects of working in an email-enabled workplace. The free mail server is obviously free, unlike the Professional, Enterprise and Premium versions, but it also delivers on powerful features and functions that small businesses and individuals will find useful in many ways. The email server also has no spyware, adware and malware as well as no time and user restrictions, thus, cementing its usability.

Many of the features in the three paid versions are unavailable in the Standard version, said features of which include Exchange ActiveSync, Intelli Messaging Support, and Queue Prioritisation, to name a few. But the Standard version, nonetheless, make it useful for small businesses and individuals with inclusive features like webmail, mail protocols, and contacts, among others. Let’s take a closer look at these features of the MailEnable Standard mail server.


The free mail server obviously provides for the tools and technologies necessary to access emails in a fast, easy and secure environment, said access of which can be done anywhere and anytime with the use of advanced AJAX webmail client. The features provide for flexibility, functionality and versatility
Mail services also include fully functional, stable and robust POP, SMTP and List Server mail services, thus, allowing for unlimited number of users and domains. These features are also available in the Professional, Enterprise and Premium Versions.


The Webmail feature also provides users with the ability for effective and efficient management of all contacts in the web browser, which is similar to all standard email clients. Users can also customise their contact settings by adding pictures, which can also be associated with global directory entries wherein users can update their contact details and images.

The feature in the MailEnable Standard mail server software means that the intended recipient’s Inline Contact Card, which will display the snapshot of the contact details and his/her image. Sending the email to the wrong recipient can then be lessened since there is little to no doubt about the contact.


The Calendar feature on Webmail also provides the opportunity for effective and efficient management of appointments. Just use the Drag and Drop as well as the Inline Editing functions.

This feature also provides for other benefits especially in terms of scheduling appointments and sending invitations for meetings. You can schedule an appointment with several individuals who will then receive their invitations via email and who will then have the option of accepting, denying, or resetting the appointment.

In case the appointment is accepted, the appointment will be immediately entered into the calendar. If the recipients ask for resetting of the appointment, the MailEnable Standard mail server will do the dirty work, so to speak. Basically, the server will identify and then display the free and busy status of the invited attendees, thus, providing the individual sending out the invitation with the opportunity of identifying the most opportune time for the planned meeting.

Task Management

The MailEnable Standard version also provides its users with the opportunity for effective and efficient management of daily, weekly and even month tasks via the documentation in the Webmail Tasks. Users can then monitor the progress for each task by entering its start and due dates as well as its importance and sensitivity in relation to the overall project. Users can then easily update the status of projects as well as monitor the percentage of completion for each task in a single interface – truly, a useful tool for collaboration among teams with many members and projects on their hands.

Other features in the MailEnable Standard mail server are:

* Integration with different third-party control panels

* Extensive security measures including authentication methods designed to protect the system from authorised access, said measures of which include SMTP authentication, relay control and integrated Windows authentication.

* Entertainment and attachment options like inline YouTube access and MP3 media player

Indeed, the MailEnable Standard mail server will suffice for many individuals and small businesses but for more features and functions, an upgrade to one of the three paid versions is strongly advised.