Prevent Your Mail Server from Being Blacklisted

Mail Black List

Since email is so important to your company, the last thing you want to deal with is a blacklisted mail server. Being blacklisted can cause a myriad of problems for your business. However, there are some things you can do to keep your email server from being blacklisted in the first place. To help you avoid this problem, here are some helpful preventative tips you can follow to prevent your mail server from enduing up on a blacklist.

Tip #1 – Be Sure to Use AntiSpyware and AntiVirus Software

One of the best tips you can follow to prevent your mail server from ending up on a blacklist is to be sure that you use antispyware and antivirus software on all computers within your business that have access to the email server. If one computer is infected with spyware or a virus, it can result in your mail server ending up on a blacklist. It’s also a good idea to ensure that all computers in the network have a good desktop firewall as well. Sometimes spyware or a virus could cause a computer to begin sending out spam, which could lead to the blacklisting of your mail server. Simply keeping up with regular antispyware and antivirus use can help you avoid this problem.

Tip #2 – Pay Attention to Passwords

Unfortunately, many users that use business emails tend to choose silly passwords that are easily hacked. If your mailboxes on the mail server are not secured with good passwords, it means that someone could easily get into your system can begin causing problem. If mailboxes are hacked and begin sending out spam messages, this could lead to blacklisting. Make sure you have a password policy that users have to follow to avoid getting your mail server blacklisted. You can even do regular audits of user passwords. If users don’t have passwords that meet company requirements, make sure those passwords are changed to ensure your email server is kept secure.

Tip #3 – Use Abuse Detection

Simply having a couple of users abuse the system can lead to the blacklisting of your mail server. The best way to avoid this is to use abuse detection. Your mail administrators should use tools that will alert them of any abuse before it becomes a bigger problem and causes the mail server to be blacklisted. One tool that can be used to keep your email server secure is an internal spammer notification. This tool will notify administrators if a certain user sends out a particular number of the same sized emails within a certain amount of time. No matter the intent of the user, this tool will help avoid spamming, thereby preventing your mail server from being blacklisted.

Tip #4 – Look at Reports

A top mail server will offer you helpful reports so you can carefully look at your server, any spam that is being caught, your traffic and more. By checking out these reports, you can begin to see trends and deal with issues before they lead to a bigger problem, such as being blacklisted. Some of the best reports to look at regularly include SMTP out connections, abuse detection reports, SMTP out usage and outgoing spam reports. These reports should be checked on a regular basis for the best results, helping you to avoid all the problems that come with having your mail server blacklisted.

Of course, there is never any guarantee that your email server will never be blacklisted. Make use of these helpful tips and you should be able to prevent the blacklisting of your mail server, but it still could occur no matter how hard you work. Companies should choose high quality mail servers, such as MailEnable, that offer helpful tools that make it easier for administrators to avoid problems that can lead to blacklisting.