How to Improve Performance of Mail Server

Even the best mail server like MailEnable will benefit from the hardware and software as well as end user and device mods mentioned in the following paragraphs. Keep in mind that there is always room for improvement

Mail Server

Mail Server

in a fully functional mapi webmail – or any mail server, for that matter – because of the constant innovations in the technology on one hand as well as the constant threats against the messaging system on the other hand.

In the following paragraphs, we shall discuss the hardware and software add-ons recommended by the experts for the improvement of your mail server such as MailEnable.

#1 Utilize IMAP and CalDAV/CardDAV for Syncing

IMAP is, of course, widely considered as one of the time-tested email delivery protocol because of its reliability, functionality and speed, among other qualities. If your mail server is not on IMAP, then you should consider switching to one that provides the protocol because it is the best choice for syncing email accounts on both desktop clients and mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

When it comes to syncing contacts and calendars, CalDAV and CardDAV are the best protocols for these items. The importance of these protocols toward the improvement of performance in any mail server is underlined with the knowledge that many devices currently support both protocols including Windows Phone, iOS and Android devices.

The good news: These are all free to use!

#2 Sync Devices for a Minimum of 5 Days Or Less

Understandably, most users of a mail server will want to have as many emails on their mobile devices as possible because of the ease, speed and convenience of checking emails while on the go. But such a desire will not exactly be beneficial in relation to the mail server’s performance – delays in receiving new emails and messages, risks for lost emails, and even high disk I/O, all of which will affect both the mail server and the mobile devices hooked up to it.

The better solution: Instead of syncing for the maximum 30 days, break the syncing into manageable chunks. Experts recommend 5 days or less, which is sufficiently manageable without making significant sacrifices on the need for information while on the road. Users can log in to their email accounts using web-connected browsers in order to view the full inbox for their accounts in the mail server.

#3 Keep Inboxes As Small as Necessary

Even with the large memory capacity of the best mail server, its performance can be adversely affected by the clutter in the mailboxes. In many messaging servers, downloading everything is not uncommon so much so that many a mail server has difficulty keeping up, so to speak.

The solution: Use the email archiving feature in the mail server. Archiving works in two ways, namely:

• Every used email enters the spool such that even when a user deletes a message, the mail server administrator can retrieve and replace the email, as needed.

• Every archived message can be stored on a different drive that, in turn, will save space and disk I/O

The bottom line: Provide users of the mail server with the tools and techniques necessary for the effective and efficient management of their inboxes. Deleting, filing and storing should be done on a regular basis, thus, allowing the mail server as well as the desktops and mobile devices on it to function in a more effective and efficient manner, too.

#4 Consider Server Hardware

The abovementioned methods are applicable to the devices used in conjunction with the mail server but the server’s hardware must also be considered. Experts recommend the following measures:

• Separate spool and data

• Utilize SSDs

• Use RAM drive for the spool

• Add more memory so that it matches the number of users supported by the mail server

• Use faster disk drives and central processing units

Of course, the improvements of the mail server require close coordination and communication with the service provider itself for obvious reasons. Contact the customer services and support representative of your mapi mail server to discuss possible improvements and upgrades to your present system.