What is Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync on Android?

Exchange ActiveSync is available for companies that prefer to be able to access MailEnable across mobile devices. Many companies today need to be able to access folders, calendars, mail, tasks and other information while on the go. Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync android offers a premium solution for android devices that makes it easy to access all of this information from mobile android devices.

Exchange Active Sync

Exchange Active Sync

Since MailEnable has licensed ActiveSync from Microsoft, this connectivity is offered from MailEnable, offering all the benefits of ActiveSync offered through Microsoft Exchange.

When companies choose to use Exchange ActiveSync, it offers a variety of different benefits. First, it offers a high level of integration for android devices, and it can also offer integration for other mobile devices as well, including Windows phones, iPhones and other mobile platforms. Another benefit is the special “Push” technology that Exchange ActiveSync uses, making it easy to negotiate updates and changes from phones. This ensures that any changes made via a mobile device will be synchronised with MailEnable’s server without polling. Since Exchange ActiveSync is so efficient, companies don’t have to worry about a lot of data being used, which is another big benefit that companies appreciate.

For companies that are purchasing MailEnable as a mail server, it is possible to get Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync android with certain editions of Mail Enable, including version 6.5 forward of the Premium, Enterprise and Professional editions. However, while the module is provided with these versions, a separate license has to be obtained by companies that want to use Exchange ActiveSync. This license is purchased as an annual subscription and is offered by MailEnable at a very competitive price. It is possible to enable this option to only the post offices or mail boxes that require it and different post offices can be given usage quotas. Usage also can be easily controlled from the mailbox level.

Many different devices are compatible with Exchange ActiveSync. It works for most android devices, iOS devices, Windows phones and more. There is no need to install any additional software when using it. Guides are also available to make it easy to configure mobile devices to use Exchange ActiveSync.

The ability to access contacts, data, tasks and other information while out of the office is so important today, which led to the development of Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync android. More companies are demanding the ability to access this information from various mobile devices. Now, companies have the ability to easily access this information when using MailEnable by using the ActiveSync option. While the license does cost extra, it is well worth the investment to companies that have employees that need to have the ability to access information remotely. Offering employees the ability to use Exchange ActiveSync makes it easier for employees to be productive, even when they are away from the office. The increase in production definitely makes up for the investment in the license for the product.

Before purchasing the license for this product, it’s a good idea to carefully consider the needs of your company. If few individuals within the company need to access information from mobile devices, then using Exchange ActiveSync may not be the best idea. However, if your company has multiple individuals that would benefit from the ability to access their tasks, calendars, contacts and other information from mobile devices, then this option may be a great addition to your company along with MailEnable. It easily integrates with MailEnable, offering all the benefits of MailEnable, even when individuals are on the go using their mobile devices. With the great price offered by MailEnable, it definitely is an excellent purchase for many companies.