Why A Mail Server Is Still Important?

Many individuals, groups and organisations still dismiss the importance of a mail server for several reasons such as the costs of subscription and maintenance as well as its technical and technological aspects. But when the benefits of using an email server are considered, its importance becomes apparent and, thus, initial resistance to the installation of the mail server can be overcome.

Hosted Email Server

Why then is an email server still important despite the presence of webmail providers like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Hotmail?

Let’s look at the reasons.

The best mail server like MailEnable provides for an impressive array of email services including features and functions that improve on employee productivity, strengthens organisational communication, and increases the bottom line, among others. These benefits are possible via services that are akin to desktop mail clients but go over and beyond to deliver on features and functions that are customized to the organisation’s requirements in the system.

Take a look at a few of the most notable features and functions of the best mail server to understand its overall importance.

#1 HTML Editing and Viewing

Emails in HTML format can be viewed and edited using a wide variety of colours, fonts and expressions provided by the mail server itself, thus, allowing for rich text. This is of special importance to corporate communications where important parts of the email should be highlighted via larger and bolder fonts or brighter colours or styles in bold, italics and underline, for example. Even emoticons like smileys on more casual emails between employees and managers can make a difference in their office productivity and personal relationships, thus, underlining the value of the mail server outside of the corporate setting.

#2 Multilingual Capabilities

The best email server also has multilingual capabilities including spell checking in these languages. Keep in mind that globalization is not just a buzzword in many sectors of society including business, education and governance – it is a reality that every organisation must be aware of and be on board. The more languages like English, French, German, Spanish and Italian that can be effectively used in a mail server, the better it will be for the organisation’s globalisation efforts.

#3 Contacts and Groups Management

The best value for the money mail server also provides for the features useful in the management of all contacts and groups on the web browser, which is also the case with standard email clients. Adding and deleting contacts as well as exporting and importing existing contacts from one email client (i.e., Outlook) to the mail server, which is a convenient function in organizations, should be a standard feature.

#4 Calendar Management

Yet another standard feature of the best mail server is the ability to manage calendars and, in effect, its schedules, appointments and invitations from both the desktop computers and mobile devices. In an organisation where timing is essential, effective calendar management functions are crucial to its success. Users can set up, send and reply to invitations via the mail server, thus, setting the stage for synchronization of calendars between the concerned individuals where meetings, deadlines and tasks are concerned.

#5 Storage of Files in the Cloud

Why allow even the smallest chance of losing files? With the best mail server, users can store their documents, files, and videos in cloud storage. Mailbox owners can then access their folders, publish these files, and store these documents at their own convenience without fear of inadvertently deleting the data.

#6 Filter Spam

Nobody except for their senders like spam email for many reasons like these emails can slow down online speed, corrupt files, and undermine security measures, among others. The effective and efficient anti-spam filters in the best mail server will immediately block and remove the spam from the system, thus, enhancing the email experience in so many ways.

Indeed, with an effective and efficient mail server in place, the organisation in general and the individual users in particular have tools and technologies at their disposal that can be used for their own benefit!