Best Windows Mail Servers of 2014

We live in a world where virtually every email server is a Windows mail server! This is because any Windows email server has the guarantee of excellence from Microsoft, certainly one of the world’s leading technology companies with products like the Windows 8 for personal computers, Windows Phone 8 for mobile devices, and Windows Server 2012 for server computers, among other notable items. Microsoft with its over 90% market share in the world’s personal computer market has proven itself time and time again to be the best at what it does and we have to thank it for the best Windows mail server so far – MailEnable in our view, of course!

Mail Servers

#1 MailEnable Professional Edition

MailEnable’s core business is the delivery of a fully functional Windows mail server in four editions, namely, the free Standard Edition and the paid Professional, Enterprise and Enterprise Premium Editions. Of these four editions, the Professional Edition is the most popular because it combines the benefits of a fully-functional Windows email server with a reasonable price of US$349 whereas the Enterprise (US$699) and Enterprise Premium ($1,098) Editions are more expensive. All three paid editions, however, provide the best value for the money because of their excellent features and functions.

These features include web mail and web administration, enhanced anti-spam and anti-virus support, and IMAP4, to name a few. Even its system requirements are friendly – Microsoft IIS 6, 100MB of hard disk space and 2GB RAM, and Intel compatible hardware.

#2 Email architect Email Server

Yet another highly satisfactory Windows mail server is the Emailarchitect Email Server, a full-featured, high-speed email server obviously operating on Windows platform. It supports multiple domains, SMTP, POP3, IMPAP4, unlimited users and domains, and comprehensive spam and virus filters, among other features.

As a Windows mail server, the Emailarchitect also provides for web mail equipped with rich text composer and message preview, web administration, and global and private address books. Free system tools are also provided to facilitate tasks like system migration and data backup, both of which are considered as mission-critical jobs.

In line with its status as a Windows mail server, it has additional system requirements including 128-bit cipher encryption.

#3 SMTP Server Pro

Large organisations with high-volume messaging requirements will appreciate the easy-to-use yet powerful features and functions of the SMTP Server Pro. It is a Windows mail server with the SMTP POP$ mail server program equipped with security software designed to block spam, prevent DoS attacks, and ward viruses, among other functions.

The SMTP Server Pro can be installed in several computers while the user mailboxes, among other web mail components, are stored in separate dedicated personal computers for safety and security of information. Its main advantages as a Windows mail server are that users can use different ISPs and that the user interface can be installed separately from the POP2 and SMTP services.

#4 Free SMTP Server

The Free SMTP Server is obviously a freeware, which means that interested individuals can download it for free and voila! They now have their own Windows mail server.

Users can send email messages directly from their computer, thus, making it a relatively simple yet very useful Windows mail server for laptop users who connect their personal computers to different ISPs in different areas. It also supports email programs like Eudora and Outlook but users say that it is best used with Outlook Express.

#5 Best SMTP Server

The Best SMTP Server is a high-performance Windows mail server that can be used as a desktop application on individual laptops or as a local POP3/SMTP server for an entire organisation. As a local Windows mail server, it will accept emails on behalf of users and then store these messages until the users will retrieve these items from the inbox using POP3 technology.

Which Windows mail server is the most suitable server for your organisation? It depends on its unique requirements in a Windows email server but just to be on the safe side, you can always try the free versions or the free trial periods to test-run each server.