How to Sync Outlook with Your Smartphone

For companies that are already using Microsoft Outlook, finding a way to access all the information offered in access on smartphones is important. The good news is that it is possible to access email, tasks, contacts, calendar and more when you’re out of the office with Exchange ActiveSync which can be purchased from MailEnable.


Once you use Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync to connect MS Outlook to your phone, you will be able to see changes made to the account on your computer. You’ll also be able to make changes on your mobile phone while using ActiveSync, which will be reflected in your Outlook account as well. This means that you won’t have to deal with duplicate emails or difficulty accessing information when you are out of the office.

As long as you have Outlook web access, it’s possible to sync Outlook with your smartphone using ActiveSync.

What ActiveSync Offers

If you’re considering using Exchange ActiveSync to sync Outlook with your smartphone, it’s a good idea to know what ActiveSync offers. Know what you will get before you purchase the license to make sure you don’t have unrealistic expectations.

When using ActiveSync, you’ll be able to connect from any place that you have an Internet connection, whether it’s a Wi-Fi or mobile network. You will be able to have access to most of the core Outlook functionality that you need to use regularly, including tasks, contacts, calendars and emails.

However, some of the more advanced features that are offered with Outlook, such as inbox rules and public folders, may not be available to you.

A Few Limitations

It’s important to realise that while Exchange ActiveSync offers most of the important tools you’ll need with Outlook, there are a few limitations that you need to consider as well. Although you will be able to connect to your email with Outlook, you won’t be able to use it to have access to some of the other resources.

One example is that you cannot configure remote access, you won’t be able to push applications to devices and you won’t be able to control specific security features of your phones.

The features that are available with Exchange ActiveSync may also vary between phones. Features available may also depend on the Microsoft Exchange version that is being run.

Getting Set Up

The good news is that it is fairly easy to sync Outlook with your smartphone using Exchange ActiveSync. To get started on a windows mobile device, start by choosing the ActiveSync icon from the start menu.

Then, you’ll need to use the “set up your device to sync with it” option so you can begin configuring the ActiveSync partnership. Now you’re ready to provide your Outlook web access email address you plan to connect with Exchange ActiveSync.

This should be entered on the page that says “Enter Email Address.” After hitting next, provide the address used to access Outlook on the page that says “Edit Server Settings.” If you don’t know the address, you can talk to your system administrator, but it usually comes in a format such as

Now you want to check off the box that allows you to enable SSL connections. If you are unsure if you should check this box, you can always talk to your Outlook system administrator. Hit the Next key once again. Now you need to verify that your username is correct on the User Information page.

Then you can type in the password for your Outlook account. Provide the domain of the Outlook web access server and then hit next. Choose the types of data that you want to sync from Outlook to your smartphone with Exchange ActiveSync.

Then you can scroll down to the “Email” area, hit the “Menu” soft key and go to the settings, which will limit the email size you can download, keeping you from using more data than your monthly allowance. Once you are done, hit the “Finish” button so you settings are saved. Then you can sync your Outlook account with your smartphone, offering all that important information you need right on your smartphone.