How To Set Up A Professional Looking Email Service?

Whether you have a small home business or a large business with hundreds of employees, having a professional looking email service is essential. After all, professional webmail services can help you present a professional image if they are set up correctly. It’s important to take some time to think about how your email looks from your recipients. Doing so will help you ensure that you project a quality, professional image when sending emails. To ensure your sending out professional emails from your webmail server, here are a few simple steps you can follow to set up a professional email service.


Tip #1 – Show the Senders Name

If you’re using webmail services, make sure that you set up the email account to show your name instead of just your email address in the “from” field. Simply showing your email address in the “from” field does not look professional. It looks even worse if it doesn’t show anything in the “from” field. Take some time to make sure that people see your name when they receive an email from you, ensuring that your emails sent from your webmail services look as professional as possible.

Tip #2 – Use Your Full Name

Simply sending out emails that say they are from Joe does not look professional. After all, how is that recipient supposed to know which “Joe” the email actually came from. When setting up your webmail services, be sure to use your full name. You don’t have to use a middle name, but use your first and last name so recipients of your emails can easily identify you without a problem.

Tip #3 – Avoid Using Nicknames

Since you want to ensure you set up a professional looking email service, avoid using nicknames. Sending out emails from webmail services that use nicknames looks silly and unprofessional. Using nicknames can also make it difficult for the recipient to realise who the email is from when they receive it. It makes it difficult for recipients to take your business seriously if you seem to be hiding behind a silly nickname when sending emails from your webmail server.

Tip #4 – Don’t Use Complicated Formatting

Of course, you want your emails to look great when you send them out from your webmail services. However, if you use overly complicated formatting, you don’t know how that formatting will look on your recipient’s computer. Sure, it may look wonderful when you view it, but if you’re emailing many clients for business purposes, that formatting may not translate over to their computer and may look your email look unprofessional.

Tip #5 – Pay Attention to Your Signatures

Most webmail services allow you to set up signatures. In fact, you may be able to set up multiple signatures to use, depending upon who you’re emailing at the time. However, it’s important to pay attention to those signatures and avoid anything that is more than a couple lines. The last thing you need to do is include a biography in your signature each time you send an email with your webmail server. No one wants to see paragraphs of text in your signature line. Feel free to include some links to your business, but avoid adding more than two to four lines in your email signature to keep your emails looking professional when you send emails from webmail servers.

Of course, while all these tips can definitely help you to set up a professional looking email service like MailEnable, you also should consider going with top quality webmail services that offer you excellent features and tools. With a quality service, you’ll have the tools at your disposal to ensure your email service looks professional, sending out a positive image for your business each time you send emails with your webmail services.