Why A Business Needs An Email Server

Even a small business with just 10 people on board, each one with his own email account, must have a mail server software because of the benefits it brings. While the installation and maintenance of the webmail server require money, manpower and time, among other resources, it will eventually pay for itself.


Indeed, while peer-to-peer networks are sufficient for personal purposes and for small businesses with less than 10 persons on board, these are too risky for other instances. The issues of safety, security and sharing of resources, such as unsecured workstation access, data loss brought by malware, spyware and viruses, and unreliable performance, will exert a substantial toll on the system. In turn, these systems will cost money, which could have been avoided with the installation of the mail server software in the first place.

With that being said, here are the benefits that come with a webmail server in place.

#1 Increased Employee Productivity

Most, if not all, reliable mail servers have redundant power supplies or secondary power supplies that, in that case of power outages, will not affect the systems’ normal operations. This is also true for the server’s storage systems, among others, since multiple hard drives in a RAID configuration are used.

Furthermore, the best mail server software has hot swappable hard drives, among other replaceable components, which can be replaced within a few hours since the supplies are aplenty and the installation is easy. The data and information for the entire network are also stored in a centralized location, thus, a failure in one workstation will not hamper the office work; the users can access the files in another operational workstation.

The result of the redundant power supplies, the hot swappable drives, and the centralised data storage of the webmail server: Increased employee productivity. Your employees can continue working on their tasks using the mail server software with little to no interruption in the system.

#2 Improved Network Safety and Security

This is one of the most persuasive arguments for the installation of a webmail server – the improved safety and security of the data and information on the network. Basically, the administrator creates individual user and group accounts with each account being assigned rights, roles and responsibilities in the maintenance of the system in general and the mail server software in particular. There are also safeguards in place, such as effective and efficient anti-spam, anti-virus and anti-malware features.

The result: Unauthorised access to the system including its data, materials and information can be significantly reduced, if not eliminated.

Speaking of infections from spyware, malware and viruses, these can be prevented because the mail server software comes with its own server protection in a single solution. This is more effective than standalone protection for each workstation.

#3 Enhanced Data Storage and Sharing of Resources

With a webmail server, all network users can use and share the resources from their workstations.

The result: Increased efficiency, enhanced data storage, and improved sharing of resources, the latter of which usually include centralized data storage, network attached storage devices, and printers, among others.

Of course, making the right choice in a mail server software is a must to enjoy all of these abovementioned benefits and many more. Be sure to compare the features and functions of each mail server software and then match these against your requirements before making your choice.