Does Mail Server Software Support Large Enterprise?

These days the demands of large-scale organisations for enterprise mail server software are increasingly becoming sophisticated, if not more rigorous. This should come as little to no surprise considering their growing requirements are based on improved functionality among the features provided by the mail server software including its synchronisation and integration, safety and security, and message and content management, among other factors. Besides, large enterprises have unique needs and wants in enterprise mail server software than their small and mid-sized counterparts for obvious reasons.

Mail Server

What the makes mail server software suitable for large enterprises? Let’s take a look at the desirable features and functions in applications like MailEnable, one of the best in the industry today. Continue reading


How to Setup Your Own Mail Server

The best enterprise mail server provides for effective, efficient and responsive multi-domain support, scalability and clustering, and administration and mail provisioning features as well as mobile connectivity, open and modular construction, and affordable prices. But all of these desirable features in Professional Email Server will be for naught when its installation and configuration are too advanced for clients to undertake on their own, much less troubleshoot for minor issues. An effective email server should be up and running within minutes via the use of installation wizards coupled with intuitive, easy to follow, and simple interface.

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Best Windows Mail Servers of 2014

We live in a world where virtually every email server is a Windows mail server! This is because any Windows email server has the guarantee of excellence from Microsoft, certainly one of the world’s leading technology companies with products like the Windows 8 for personal computers, Windows Phone 8 for mobile devices, and Windows Server 2012 for server computers, among other notable items. Microsoft with its over 90% market share in the world’s personal computer market has proven itself time and time again to be the best at what it does and we have to thank it for the best Windows mail server so far – MailEnable in our view, of course!

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How to Sync Microsoft Exchange with Outlook

For businesses that are currently using Microsoft Outlook, Outlook is compatible with all the features that come with Microsoft Exchange. Syncing Microsoft Exchange Outlook makes it easy for users to store calendars, contacts, email and other information at a central location. Once you add a new Microsoft Exchange account to the Outlook profile you already have in place, the application will connect Outlook to the Exchange server, syncing it with all of your account data.


Even if you use Microsoft Exchange Outlook when you’re not connected to the web, all the changes that you make will be cached by Outlook and then synced with the Exchange server when you get online the next time. Companies that need to keep information backed up securely, going with Microsoft Exchange Outlook is an excellent idea. This way all that information used in MS Outlook can be kept on a server where it can be accessed from anywhere without a problem. If you want to synchronise Microsoft Exchange with Outlook, here are some helpful steps you can follow.

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Why A Mail Server Is Still Important?

Many individuals, groups and organisations still dismiss the importance of a mail server for several reasons such as the costs of subscription and maintenance as well as its technical and technological aspects. But when the benefits of using an email server are considered, its importance becomes apparent and, thus, initial resistance to the installation of the mail server can be overcome.

Hosted Email Server

Why then is an email server still important despite the presence of webmail providers like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Hotmail?

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Why Do Organisations Use Mail Server?

The best mail server like MailEnable provides for numerous benefits over conventional email applications. In many cases, an organisation’s failure in the adoption of, say, the appropriate Windows mail server into its information and communication system results in the failure to maximise its resources including its human resources. Keep in mind that information and communication technologies like an effective, efficient and scalable mail server are designed by and for human use.

Organized Mail Server

Organized Mail Server

 With that being said, here are a few of the reasons why organisations will benefit from the installation of the best mail server. Keep in mind, nonetheless, that what may be  the best for your organisation may not exactly be the best for other groups so customisation is crucial in the choice of a mail server in general and a Windows mail server  in particular and its provider. It must also be noted that the following functional and financial benefits refer to a cloud-based system like the MailEnable mail server. Continue reading

What is Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync on Android?

Exchange ActiveSync is available for companies that prefer to be able to access MailEnable across mobile devices. Many companies today need to be able to access folders, calendars, mail, tasks and other information while on the go. Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync android offers a premium solution for android devices that makes it easy to access all of this information from mobile android devices.

Exchange Active Sync

Exchange Active Sync

Since MailEnable has licensed ActiveSync from Microsoft, this connectivity is offered from MailEnable, offering all the benefits of ActiveSync offered through Microsoft Exchange. Continue reading